By Christopher Walker. The NAHB has distributed $1.3 million to candidates running for federal office in 2002. Rich Morin, chair of the group's political action committee, quoted that figure to attendees at the NAHB Spring board meeting in June.

The Center for Responsive Politics, citing Federal Election Commission data released on June 3, reports that 63% of the NAHB's contributions went to Republicans and 37% went to Democrats. The figures place the NAHB fifth among all PACs in contributions to Republican candidates. It's approximately $200,000 short of making the Center's top 20 list of Democratic contributors. The most any one candidate has received from the NAHB is $10,000, which went to six candidates for the Senate and nine for the House -- all Republicans.

"We're not about electing Democrats or Republicans to Congress," Morin said, as quoted by Inman News Features. "Our job is to elect pro-housing candidates to Congress."

Vice President Dick Cheney was the featured speaker at the board meeting. The day before his address, approximately 700 builders in town for the meeting were able to meet with their Congressional representatives and senators to discuss their legislative priorities, which include the expansion of affordable housing programs, the enactment of energy legislation that would give tax incentives to remodel homes for greater energy efficiency, and the relaxation of regulations designed to protect the environment and workers' rights.

The group's goal is to raise and distribute a total of $2.4 million before the election is over.