Bathroom Remodeling

Surface Changes

Sometimes beauty really is only skin deep. Focused solely on surfaces and details, Miami architect Barry Sugerman completely transformed this bathroom without altering the location of a single plumbing fixture or adding square footage.

At the owner's request, Sugerman didn't borrow space from other rooms. Instead, he reapportioned the existing footprint, removing a blocky cabinet and bathtub and adding skylights to create a more spacious feel. New elements, including matching 4-inch tiled wall build-outs and recessed soap niches, add eye-pleasing variations in depth and form. High-end products and materials complete the design, updating the room with a distinctive, contemporary style.

The judges applauded the economy and cost-effectiveness of the relatively affordable design.

"This is a wonderful example," one said, "of how you can improve quality of life without breaking the bank."

Mark Surloff

Category: Bathroom remodeling, under $25,000

Location: Hallandale, Fla.

Contractor: Rick Gay, Bedrock Construction, Miami

Designer: Barry Sugerman, Barry Sugerman Architect, Miami

REMODELING Design Awards 2003