Category: Bathroom remodeling, over $100,000

Location: San Francisco

Contractor: Patrick O'Neill, O'Neill Construction, San Rafael, Calif.

Designer: Olle Lundberg, Lundberg Design, San Francisco

Cesar Rubio

The existing attic had oddly shaped rooms and complex roof angles that made the space feel tight. The tall client inspired the designer to remove all the interior framing, open up the ceiling, and expose the full space of the attic. The new bright and open suite does not have standard walls. Instead, the designer used translucent glass panels to shield areas of the bath and dressing area.

A simple color palette — white Venetian plaster-covered walls and ceiling and an ebony-stained oak floor — adds drama. Fiber optic lighting in the floor lights the panels to make them glow.

The dressing area has open stainless steel posts and rods and dark wood storage boxes. To maintain the open feel, the designer used glass and steel sliding doors to separate the master bedroom from the bathroom.