Louisiana’s recent floods have left 60,000 homes damaged, according to state officials. So as the recovery process starts, homeowners in Baton Rouge are left grappling with the aftermath. For many homeowners, everything was lost and more than 25,000 have filed flood claims according to FEMA. Residents who lived in no-flood zone, were taken aback by the storm and therefore didn’t have adequate flood insurance. Many say they will be getting it as soon as they recover.

This means that the homeowners will either have to completely gut their water damaged homes or move. The aftermath of the storm has left residents with piled and damaged goods throughout the streets of the city and an urgent need to restore their lives back to normal.

As The Advocate reports:

Wearing white masks to protect themselves from breathing in mold or other toxins, Wilbert Dyer, 62, used a wheelbarrow to shuttle debris to the street while his 55-year-old wife used a flat long-handled flat blade to scrape up glue that once held flooring tiles down...Like many other Baton Rouge residents whose homes flooded for the first time, George Godso is coping with the damage to his home in the Antioch Villa subdivision through the two F’s: family and friends.

Godso has lived on Doyle Road for 30 years, and says the 13.5 inches of water won’t change that. Godso’s crew had been clearing the house for four days. By Saturday, everything in the house – from irreplaceable wedding photos to living room furniture – had been dumped in a waist-high mound that stretched across the front yard.

Residents are told to get mold certified contractors to assess the damage before anyone moves in. This also means that remodelers in the region will be in high demand as the city recovers.

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