In a recent post on Remodelers Advantage, marketing expert Mark Harari explores the benefits of using an old marketing technique: sending a letter through the regular mail.

"E-mails are frequently scanned and then abandoned or delayed then sometimes forgotten altogether," Harari explains. This means that while you are getting your message to your clients, it might not be sticking with them. "Mail is physically present," he adds. "Mail from unknown sources that appear to be of a personal nature is almost always opened. The key here is first to make your mail piece seem to be personal." In addition, physical mailings have a 4.4% response rate, while emails have 0.12%, according to CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Council Worldwide.

Ready to try direct mailings? Harari offers these tips:

  • Determine a realistic budget
  • Map out who (and where) your target market is
  • Hire a graphic designer or advertising agency to design a catchy, memorable piece of mail
  • Hand address and stamp each envelope to give each note a personal touch

These are just four of the tips Harari provides. Follow the link below for more ideas about creating your direct mail campaign.

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