There’s still magic in the phrase “As seen on TV.” Hunter Marosits has proof.

Marosits, owner of H&R Homes Remodeling, based in Ludlow, Mass., regularly buys time on “ Mass Appeal,” a morning program on local TV station WWLP. The program is recorded by station personnel and features Marosits as both the producer and host. Recent segments have touched on kitchen remodeling, what’s new with decks, and simple ways to upgrade a home’s curb appeal.

Hosting the shows “makes you an expert in front of the viewing audience. It gives you credibility,” Marosits says. And it brings leads: “I got two calls and two-emails the day the [latest] show was on,” he notes. Given that WWLP charges up to about $700 per segment, and considering that Marosits covers much of that cost by getting co-op money from manufacturers whose products are used in the segments, he figures the shows ultimately are far cheaper than the $250 to $300 it normally costs him to get a good lead.

H&R also does commercials, including a recent clever take on the Three Little Pigs that’s viewable from his site or on Youtube.