Referrals are key to the remodeling industry. They are how you gain new clients and new employees, and spread your company’s brand and product. Referrals are valuable to any business as they produce loyalty along with value for your company. You can gain referrals in one of two ways: word-of-mouth and marketing strategies.

However, for all the benefits of referrals they can also be the source of added stress. In a guest post for Duct Tape Marketing, Aseem Badsha offers three pieces of advice on how you can win in the referral game.

  1. Marketing automation tools and technology can work alongside word-of-mouth. As Badshah says, “Social media is the new word-of-mouth marketing. It is today’s virtual water cooler… People are interested and influenced by what other people are talking about, with 46% of people turning to social media when planning to make a purchase."
  2. Marketing automation software enables you to fully implement your marketing strategy to be more “target-rich and effective across various channels, such as e-mail. It can generate leads by gleaning data about your prospects' activities and interests, helping you direct content into their channels.”
  3. Don’t forget to follow up with your clients.

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