Every remodeler hopes that satisfied clients will recommend the company's services to friends and relatives. So Keating/Moore Construction was delighted when one particular client offered to sing the company's praises within his own circle — which happened to encompass the vast audience of a major South Florida sports radio station.

Keating/Moore has been a radio fan ever since.

The relationship started a couple of years ago, when Keating/ Moore, a high-end builder and remodeler in Palm Beach Gardens, built a substantial home and detached office for Rick Horrow, dubbed the “Sports Professor” for his high-profile work consulting with major sports leagues and teaching at Harvard Law School. Horrow was so pleased with his residential complex that he offered to record an advertising testimonial for ESPN Radio 760AM, where he was a frequent commentator.

“Joe Keating and Tim Moore turned my dream into a reality. And believe me, I dream big,” said Horrow in the ad, which ran for approximately seven months. Using phrases like “masterpiece,” “quality construction,” and “awesome attention to detail,” he and a female voiceover talent conjured images of luxury houses. “Trust me,” concluded Horrow, “I don't settle for less.”

The ad didn't trigger a major jump in new leads for Keating/Moore, nor was it intended to. Instead, it succeeded by generating “great feedback” from the company's “very small community” of affluent clients and prospective clients, according to Greg DuBose, Keating/Moore's marketing representative. “You don't expect someone to say, ‘I heard your ad, please build me a $4 million home,'” explains DuBose. “What radio does is to place the name of the company in the listeners' minds” and “associate the name with quality expectations. Hopefully, when the time comes to make a ‘buy' decision, they think of us.”

With radio advertising, frequency is key, DuBose adds. To that end, Keating/Moore developed subsequent ads that continue to run during targeted ESPN radio time slots. These feature the voices of the owners themselves, Joe Keating and Tim Moore, who also speak of “luxury” and “quality” to the exclusive clientele they strive to attract.