Internet marketing used to mean a “business card” website where potential customers could see some project photos, find your company phone number, and maybe fill out a “Contact Us” form. These days, static “brochureware” websites are business tombstones. Most of the action is “interaction” in the social media universe, where the game is short and sweet, fast and frequent. It’s about push more than pull, and whoever pushes themselves into the most conversations wins.

Websites and SEO (search engine optimization) are as important as ever, maybe more so, but the ways remodelers are enticing potential customers to visit are changing. People of all ages are using more and more mobile devices and the social media apps made to run on them. Search engines are still in the picture, but it’s increasingly likely that your next customer will find your company in a tweet or Facebook posting they saw using a smartphone app.

In what follows, we take a closer look at how social media works and how remodelers are starting to build it into their day-to-day business. We also sample some mobile apps that are making smartphones and digital tablets essential tools in a remodeler’s toolbox. And we provide some insight into how to start putting it all together in your business.