Two hundred thirty-six. That's how many shows HGTV has aired since its launch in 1994, the Los Angeles Times notes. HGTV now ranks 8th among the nation's top 10 cable networks. How? As the Times puts it:

Its indomitable formula often involves pairing model-ready hosts (Listed Sisters, Kitchen Cousins) who embroil themselves or others in high-stakes challenges, races against the clock, and competitions with desperate cliffhangers. All that hidden potential and giddy renovation rivalry clearly appeals to America’s love of home improvement.

Not all 236 shows were hits, of course. Some were downright, shall we say, unusual. Here are six that Timesman R. Daniel Foster particularly remembers (along with 19 that all had the word "Flip" in their title:

"Donna Decorates Dallas” (2011-14) "Dallas homeowners’ penchant for pimping out their lavish digs."

“Crowded House” (2014-15) “After a stressful day at work, what could be more calming than a home-shopping ambush?"

“My Parents’ House” (2005-08) “Adult children return to their family home to do something they've been dying to do for years — redecorate and redesign at least one room in their parents' house."

“My House, Your Money” (2011-13) “What really goes on behind closed doors as prospective home buyers turn to their extended-family members for financial help.”

“You Live in What?” (2012-14) “Gutsy visionaries who found beauty in dilapidated commercial spaces, turning them into wonderful one-of-a-kind homes.” Home conversions include a sugar mill, clock tower, church crypt, grain silo, water tower, dog kennel and a goat shed.

“My Yard Goes Disney” (2011-12) “HGTV and Disney Parks join forces to surprise lucky homeowners with an eye-popping backyard makeover they never thought possible.”

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