It's no secret that remodelers are skeptical of Angie's List. One may even say the majority are flat out against the controversial review site. Last year, in response to a REMODELING story regarding the site's 2013 earnings, a reader wrote in suggesting the industry boycott Angie's List. So we asked our audience to weigh in on the matter. A few days ago, the robust conversation was rekindled. Take a look at a sampling of what your peers are saying about the site today, and get in on the conversation by commenting here or in the space below.

Mary Wild: "I have never been involved with Angie's List and never will. My brother in another state hired a GC from Angies List and he was the worst - the kind of contractor who gives us a bad name. Reasonable and educated potential clients know to check out the ROC and get referrals from credible sources to make an informed decision."

Michael Roe: "Angie's list is all about making money, NOT about helping consumers. I tried to post a complaint about a conniving, predatory contractor who preys on the elderly and ended up taking over $400,000 from my mother, but I was told I had to be a member to post. In order to be a member, I had to fork over several hundred dollars. Then I read where if you were a contractor, all you had to do was pay the site money and you'd get good reviews posted about you! No, Angie's list is a crock, it assists in everything that is wrong with construction, and doesn't honestly help in finding good qualified contractors."

Jason Jones: "I am on Angie's list via a client. She somehow got me on there and without joining I can't even view my own clients review. I have no need for Angie's list. I like houzz so much better."

Brian Palmer: "Most definitely, get rid of Angie's List."