Landlines ring. Cell phones beep, chirp, or sing. The computer chimes an incoming e-mail. Mailboxes are overstuffed with coupon books and bills. Everyone is bombarded with information. How do you make your message stand out?

Think personal.


Mike Gibson, owner of Appleseed Workshop, in Birmingham, Ala., a design/build company, says he’s careful about where he spends his marketing dollars. He found a simple way to connect with prospects using and radius marketing, i.e., contacting people within a radius of a current project.

A simple concept, radius marketing can be time-consuming to undertake — finding names and addresses and creating, printing, and mailing the piece. JobSiteMailing does everything, “soup to nuts,” says Glen Hauser, a partner and director of sales and marketing at the company. “[Contractors] give us the address [of the project they’re working on] and the information they want in the mailer. We laser print it, order the list of addresses, put on a sticker and postage, and send it out.” The mailer, printed on heavy stock, has the feel of an invitation.

You can create content online at or work with the company to develop your message. JobSiteMailing has stock photos available for use on the outside of the trifold mailer. Inside is a letter written to a particular homeowner, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” The mailer has your logo and appears to have come directly from your company.

Gibson, who is working to brand his company, opts to customize the mailer using his own photography. He recently sent out 300 mailers from one job and 500 from another. “We got good leads and calls and landed a $160K renovation, due to the mailings,” Gibson says. “The client had it in his hand at our first meeting. That was proof-positive.”