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Mailing marketing materials to a lead before your first meeting is a simple step that pays big dividends, says marketing expert Mike Cohen of Remodeling Success Systems in Cumming, Ga.

The trick to selling remodeling work, Cohen says, is differentiating yourself before the first meeting. If you wait until the meeting, the clients know you're selling something, so they discount what you say. And no matter how often you tell prospective customers that you're different from other remodelers, they won't believe it because every other remodeler is telling them the exact same thing. This leaves you in the "commodity category," and when you're a commodity, the only sales driver is price.

Mailing your company's presentation materials ahead of time, on the other hand, provides documented evidence of your company's distinguishing qualities that prospects can review outside of the sales situation. "That automatically," Cohen says, "in the mind of the customer, makes you different."

Remodeling Success Systems specializes in providing sales and marketing information to remodelers and can be reached at (800) 893-5245.