Everything—and I mean everything—can be customized. From designing your dream car to tailoring the toppings on your pizza, the sky is the limit. But there is one thing, or one word really, that I want you to change when talking to prospects about their home improvement projects.

Saying Goodbye to “Customize”
Clients can customize colors, appliances, paint, floors, tile, countertops—the options are endless. But think about it: With all of the “custom” options available on the market today, the allure of bottomless choices is fading. Sure, clients can select from 15 different styles of cabinets, but they can do that anywhere.

Instead of advertising the ability to customize, try bragging about the option to personalize

The Power of Personalization
When you customize, it’s all about your product or service. When you personalize your offering, it’s all about your prospect

The closer you can get a product or service to feel personalized to your client, the closer they are to buying. By “personalizing” their project, they are taking ownership of it. 

And, in their mind’s eye, they’ve already bought it.