• While its intentions are good, this door hanger opens with an apology, which is never good. Always start with a positive statement, for example, “If we can be of any further help, please call us.”
  • The paper stock is flimsy. It looks like a homemade, amateurish job — not the image you want to project. The icons are fuzzy.
  • There's too much type. The type isn't organized into blocks or shapes for easy reading. There are too many typefaces, too many sizes, and the reversed type is hard to read. Everything screams at you. Your eye doesn't rest on anything.
  • Design Rating: 4 out of 10

    Top photo, before. Bottom photo, after. After
  • This is an immense improvement. The glossy paper stock is heavier and, by being substantial, lets people know Curb Appeal cares about details.
  • The type is laid out more effectively. “We're here … ” is the largest and has the most contrast, then you drop to the phone number — that's good. You're attracted to the door hanger because it uses large shapes: The logo is a shape, followed by four blocks of type. The copy is confident, positive.
  • I don't know if these are the best images. The photos are cluttered; I would rethink them. On the right side, the screened image is a nice technique, but it's not the right photo.
  • I'd also rethink the gradated blue under Curb Appeal Renovations, because it loses contrast when it gets to the middle of “Award Winning Design/Build Remodeling.” The word “Remodeling” gets lost in the deep blue.
  • Redesign Rating: 8.5 out of 10

    Critique courtesy of Ruth Lozner, M.F.A., who has been an associate professor of design and marketing at the University of Maryland in College Park for 18 years.