By REMODELING Magazine Staff. Critique courtesy of Janet Wagner, Ph.D., associate chair of marketing, R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, Wagner holds a B.A. in graphic design from Cornell University; her graduate degree is in marketing.

Do you have Before + After marketing materials to submit to the "Marketing Doctor"?

All materials are welcome, but we're soliciting well-lit, clear photographs of job signs, both before redesign and after. We're also looking for newspaper or magazine display ads. Dr. Wagner will critique the effectiveness of old vs. new materials. Send materials to Joe Schuler, REMODELING, One Thomas Circle, N.W., Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20005.

  • Aesthetically, this line should either be centered or more to the right.

  • The post-modern look of this photo isn't consistent with the message of "traditional design."

  • This picture detracts from the overall quality of the ad because the image isn't striking, yet it draws your eye.

    There are basic proportions considered attractive in Western culture, and this ad doesn't follow them. Proper proportions are 1 to 2, 1 to 3, and 5 to 8. For this ad, the left side should have been two-thirds and the right side, one-third.

  • This new ad is better because there's less going on. The vertical layout is interesting, and by being divided into thirds, it's more attractive.

  • The logo font is consistent with the message the company is trying to convey.

  • The contrast in the color photo against the white, and the contrast of the black type on white background, makes the ad read well. The picture communicates the company's message of traditional design, but it also contains whimsical elements. The faucet has a curvilinear design to it, there are unusual angles in the bathroom, and the shelves in the corner are a nice touch. Plus, they've accessorized the bathroom in a fun way. The picture draws your eye to the ad. It has good depth.

    Redesign Rating: 9, on a scale of 10.