A paid search campaign can really invigorate your business, but you really need to know how the system works to make the most of your investment. Take keywords--you probably know that you want your business to show up when homeowners search certain words, but do you take advantage of negative keywords? These are exactly what they sound like: searched words that you don't want to show up around. Remodelers Advantage guest contributor Erdem Demirtas thinks it could be the reason why some paid ad campaigns fail:

Much like an auction, your business bids on keywords in order to get your ad in front of customers. If the ad is relevant to the audience and the bid is good, you’ll increase the odds of appearing in search results. That’s what it’s all about. Negative keywords, however, stop your ad from showing up in front of the audience that does NOT care about your products or services.

Want to know some of the best ways to utilize these negative keywords? Then click on the link below and head on over to Remodelers Advantage for the full article and advice on how to optimize your use of keywords.

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