When Gehman Custom Remodeling got a flattering writeup in the The Philadelphia Inquirer last year, president Dennis Gehman opted for a more animated alternative to conventional reprints.

Gehman chose NXTprints: digital editions of article reprints. Distributed through his company's e-mail (and, soon, via www.gehmanremodeling.com), his NXTprint consists of a tiny image of the article. Click on the icon — the “pages” of which appear to be turning — and you can see, expand, save, print, or e-mail a full-size color version.

Gehman pays roughly $2,500 for his five-year NXTPrint license, compared with around $3,000 for 3,000 paper reprints. “I figured it gets some attention every time we send it out,” he says.

NXTprints do more than get attention, says Marcus Grimm, marketing director of NXTbook Media, which offers the technology to about 200 clients (including Hanley Wood, which publishes REMODELING). For instance, he says the reading experience replicates the physical experience of flipping through a publication.

NXTprints can also be configured with “rich media” options such as video and audio podcasts. Finally, businesses can use them to track how many people actually click on the link, to better gauge their marketing effectiveness.

To learn more, visit www.nxtbookmedia.com.