Marketing can seem intimidating, so simplifying it down to just paying per click, or PPC, seems like a simple way to get your brand out there. PPC can absolutely pay dividends if its used properly, but just like any marketing strategy, it's something that needs to be planned out in advance. Duct Tape Marketing guest writer Michelle Brammer examines how to tell if PPC is something your company should try, and when to realize it's not a magic spell drawing in customers:

Effective bids and keywords may raise your campaigns to the top and give you some quick wins, but for others, these efforts are futile. Niche products and segments often have a harder time reaping the benefits of PPC, simply because there are fewer people searching for that product or service.

Regardless if you have several quick wins or minimal success with PPC, stick with it. PPC is not a set-and-forget function, and it takes time and effort to optimize campaigns for success. However, be realistic in your expectations, too: you may temporarily increase sales, but it’s up to you to maintain that growth.

Is PPC a strategy that you should investigate for your business? Brammer has 5 more tips over at Duct Tape Marketing, so click the link below and read on to learn where PPC thrives and when you can gauge its success.

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