My wife shops (FYI, I buy but that is a whole other blog!). Nina shops, among other places, on-line.

Recently Nina bought an item from Macy’s on-line. When the package arrived and Nina opened it she found a business card-size message.

On the face of the card it says: “Thank You For Making Our Day MAGIC”

On the back it says “We feel the magic of Macy’s every time we pack an order for a customer and hope we’ve shared some magic with you in this package.

"If you receive a survey for this order, please let us know how we did by noting the Pack ID below with your comments or you can write us at any time by using the Tell What You Think link on

"Enjoy & thank you again for shopping with Macy's.”

Then it mentions the packer’s name and his ID number. So why am I sharing this? For a couple of reasons.

  • The card, even though it seems hokey and possibly corporate-inspired, made me feel good. Every time I read it I feel special. And it took virtually no effort on Macy's part to make me feel that way.
  • The “Magic of Macy's” sounds intriguing. And the right product provided and delivered on time is magic in action.

What could a remodeling company do to similarly touch its clients in a grateful way? Perhaps including some variation(s) of this card with an invoice or the like would be enough. Perhaps you could make your project sign customer-specific, with a big “Thank You” to them included.
The point is to express your gratitude, sincerely and frequently. Leaving your customers surprised and aware of your gratitude might make it more likely than not that they will tell other folks about their great contractor, which would mean more work for your company!