The online survey of 1,800 homeowners ages 21 and up conducted by the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) shows that green concerns are limited and are not yet compelling drivers of green choices.

The “Impact of Green in Home Improvement” report shows that the primary driver of green home improvement is return on investment of energy and utility savings.

The report provides a range of definitions of green consumers:

Greenless: 23% of total surveyed; lowest attitudes and behavior; unmoved by environmental issues and alarms

Greenbits: 19%; behaviors higher than lower attitudes; don’t care, but doing a few things

Greensteps: 31%; moderate attitudes and moderate behaviors; aware, concerned, taking steps

Greenspeaks: 14%; behaviors lower than high attitudes; talk the talk more than walk the walk

Greenthusiasts: 13%; highest attitudes and highest behaviors; environment is a passionate concern