Looking for a way to close sales or spur salespeople on to closing more business? Consider MVI Marketing's “Mini Vacations” ( www.minivacations.com).

For as little as $5, you can offer prospects or employees two-night stays in three-star hotels. Mini Vacations offers many travel packages and cruises. The packages are so effective that clients such as GE order 150,000 at a time, says Tim C. Mayclin, MVI's corporate accounts director.

Jerry Dickinson, of Glass Doctor, Birmingham, Ala., which among other work installs residential replacement glass, says he's used Mini Vacations' two-night stays as premiums on closes. He paid less than $5 each for vacation giveaways he used and gave away as many as 8,000.

Mayclin says that his company and participating resorts make money on the packages by buying and selling unused room blocks. Plus, clients tend to upgrade packages, or extend stays, or want to travel outside the off-peak times that the packages offer. “We work a lot on psychology,” he says. “When people get something for free, they're going to put something into it and upgrade.”

“We've used a lot of things in the last 15 years, had a lot of giveaways,” Dickinson says. “But Mini Vacations is absolutely the best premium for your actual cost vs. your perceived value.”