Remodeling Advantage’s guest contributor Spencer Powell offers four tips to creating an awe-inspiring open house campaign to bring you more referrals.

Powell says in order to be successful you have to bring in the elements of online and the tried-and-true elements (yard signs, door flyers, etc.) together with “integrated on-the-ground efforts with online marketing.” Promoting an open house online allows the remodelers to reach a wider audience, whereas a yard sign relies on someone driving through a neighborhood.

Using this as a launching pad, Powell unravels four of the main parts of a successful open house campaign.

  1. Create a customized landing page where your customers can get to you “command central.” Use this landing page to have people fill out a form or an RVSP to your open house. Use the right graphics and photographs to entice your clients.
  2. When using e-mail, make sure you have an enticing subject line that begs your audience to click, along with visuals that are stimulating. Power says “your visuals need to be in harmony” with your landing page.
  3. Promote on Facebook by targeting your potential audience by zip codes, age, home value, and household income from anywhere between $5-$40.

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