How can you effectively use Yelp for your business? Garry Thill writes for our sister site Replacement Contractor on the five ways Yelp (a site that gets 86 million monthly mobile users), can help your business. Thill spoke with marketing consultant Bill McGowan and Yelp’s local business outreach director to talk shop about Yelp.

What’s hindering businesses in succeeding on Yelp? Thill’s writes, "Trouble is, persisting misconceptions about Yelp are holding some contractors back from doing so.”

Here are five demystified myths about Yelp:

  1. People only go to Yelp to write negative reviews.
  2. Contractors can’t respond or control negative or unfair reviews.
  3. Yelp is only a pay per play site.
  4. Getting positive reviews displayed requires paying money.
  5. It’s okay to incentive reviews for customers.
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