Whether it's to remember your best customers during the holiday season or to reward a client who has recommended friends and family to your business, there comes a time when you need to express appreciation with a gift. Why not select a gift that does double-duty by delighting your client while sending a positive message about your company?

There are many hand-crafted objects available made from natural materials. One way to send a living natural material, however, is through the Historic Tree Nursery, a division of American Forests dedicated to bringing history alive by propagating and selling the descendants of famous trees. You can select a seedling related to your client's favorite historical figure, from Amelia Earhart to Elvis Presley.

The nursery's wide range of categories includes trees related to American presidents, the American Revolution, the Civil War, famous women in history, inventors, authors, adventurers, and more. For example, there are seedlings that come from the Mark Twain Cave Bur Oak, a tree marking the entrance to Simms Cave in Mark Twain's childhood home of Hannibal, Mo. Twain recreated the spot as McDougal's Cave, the site of Tom's and Becky Thatcher's adventure in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

In addition to seedlings, the company offers a collection of handmade framed art, leaf note cards, and gift certificates. Visit the Web site at www.historictrees.org to investigate these “green” gift ideas.