Todd and Abby (not their real names) invited us into their home to complete a sunroom addition and kitchen, bath, and laundry room remodel. It began as a typical job — until Abby was diagnosed with cancer and often needed to rest at home.

That left Todd with the household duties as well as his work demands. With the additional stress of a remodel-in-progress and no functional laundry room, the laundry situation wasn’t optimal.

On the scheduled day of the washer/dryer install, Todd had worn his last clean shirt. While Abby slept, the delivery drivers put the appliances in the room, but not wanting to wake her, chose not to install them. Unfortunately, they didn’t communicate that to us.

When Todd returned home from work, he attempted to wash a load of laundry. Shortly after 10 p.m., we received a frantic call.

Our lead carpenter, Anthony, immediately collected what he needed and drove to the client’s home. He installed the appliances, helped get the first load started, and cleaned up the laundry room.

It was after midnight by the time Anthony left, but the job was done and the clients were thrilled. They felt comfortable enough to make an additional request: Abby wished for magnolia trees in her backyard.

Our landscaper went to great lengths to find a hardy species for our Wisconsin climate. When we returned to do another project a year later, Todd said that during her illness Abby had been able to enjoy the magnolias from her sunroom hospital bed. “We were so glad she got to enjoy the view of the magnolias for the last few months of her life,” owner Abe Degnan says.

—Cara Luecht is the office manager at Degnan Design Builders, in DeForest, Wis., which uses GuildQuality surveys to monitor customer satisfaction.

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