People buy products and services because the purchase initiates some feeling, some emotion. Tap these emotions, and you'll make a sale. Here are a few reasons why your prospect will buy.

Excitement. They sense a degree of variety or exhilaration in your service. It could be having something new in their home, something that helps change their lifestyle.

Security. Your product could offer a feeling of assuredness. Alarm systems, extended warranties, and cooktops safe to the touch after use (won't burn the kids) fit here. If you run a business with longevity, tap this emotion.

Opportunity. Perhaps prospects sense a possibility. The opportunity can be something that translates into a revenue return, or freedom. Historical renovations fall into the first category. A hobby room or home office fits the second.

Fear. Yes, prospects buy based on fear: fear of loss of a good deal; fear that they'll miss an opportunity to save money; or fear that their buying choices won't look good to others.

Perceived convenience. When someone remodels instead of moving, they consider their home's location. Is it close to schools, work, friends? If the answer is yes, convenience is high, and they want to keep it that way. Sell to that perception.

If you tap into perceptions and are enthusiastic about your product, those factors dominate buying decisions. Once you've figured out the real reason someone wants to buy, it's how you sell. People buy based on feelings. Doesn't it make sense to stimulate feelings of happiness or security? --Paul Montelongo, CGR, of San Antonio, Texas, is a former contractor and is now a construction industry speaker and consultant;