Here’s what I’d like you to do — it’s a bit tedious at first but extremely valuable. Most of your competitors won’t do it, which means that if you will, you’ll be that much further ahead. There are two steps:

1. Create a spreadsheet that contains all of your professional contacts. Categories may include:

  • Subcontractors/trade partners/associates
  • Designers/Realtors/architects
  • Professional partners/consultants
  • Supplier partners
  • Manufacturer reps
  • Association contacts
  • Lender partners
  • Media partners
  • Family/friends

Create a full list organized by type of contact. Continue to add to the list as you think of other people. Include their contact information, other important information/notes, etc.
HINT: Start by exporting a list of vendors out of your QuickBooks or financial program. That usually speeds things up!

2. Every day (or week) look at that list and reach out to at least one of the people on it. Give him or her a phone call to see how they are doing (and how you can help them), send an email, mail them an article that made you think of them, set up a time for coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner/beer.

Does this sound doable? Absolutely.

Does this sound simple? You bet.

And guess what: The great majority of remodelers don’t actively network and reach out to people they know (or want to know) to build relationships and uncover opportunities.

However, a pattern that I see with the top remodelers in our industry is that they take networking seriously. They’re always looking for ways to strengthen the relationship they have with referral sources and partners and are always expanding their list of contacts.

How much time are you willing to invest in your network? Therein lies the answer to how successful networking will be for you.

As marketing expert Jay Abraham says: “The more people you talk with, network with, develop a relationship with, the more opportunities and insights you will have. Opening one door leads to dozens of other doors ... Opening dozens of doors leads to hundreds of others.”

Who are you going to network with today? (No, seriously, comment below and tell me who!) Take action, my friend! 

Kyle Hunt is the owner of Remodel Your Marketing and creator of The Excellence Club. Contact him at 517.548.7140; email him at; find him on Twitter at

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