Clean jobsites are half the battle of keeping homeowners happy. Remodelers' best practices fall into four categories:

Education: Specify who is responsible for which tasks, and monitor follow-through. Create a jobsite manual with photos of how every part of the site should look. Fine trade contractors if they don't clean.

Professionalism: Discourage use of home bathrooms; provide a porta-toilet on bigger jobs. Provide shoe covers and disposable coveralls.

Trash collection: Have multiple trash cans in predetermined places and separate recycling bins, if relevant. Allocate a trash point for all jobs. If the job is big enough for a Dumpster, discuss its location with the homeowner in advance. If using a trash pile, keep it neatly covered and remove it frequently. Daily: Pick up around the jobsite and rake the site with magnetic rakes.

Dust containment: Equip all sites with a HEPA filter shop vac and an upright vacuum cleaner. Vacuum at least daily. Remove dust and shavings from framing before enclosing. Use temporary wall products (such as ZipWall; black is preferred) or plywood barriers to keep dust and debris from other parts of the home. Consider sealing off vent returns. For more about clean jobsites, see July REMOLDELING, page 80.