There's a revival going on in today's cities. But only a select few are taking part, according to Independent economist Jed Kolko in a conversation with Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Scarlet Fu and Joe Weisenthal in the video series "What’d You Miss?"

"The people who are moving to cities are those who are higher income, college educated--the people who can afford to live in a lot of these dense urban neighborhoods," Kolko says.

But despite this talk about an urban revival in many metro areas, cities are not seeing the highest rates of growth.

"The broader trend continues to hold true," Kolko says. "And that is, America continues to get more and more suburban. And the fast growing places in the U.S., when we look at population, are actually the sprawliest suburbs. Those suburbs that are low density, often on the outskirts of big sun belt metros, like Atlanta and Houstonand Denver."

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