Blogs can help to optimize your website and get high rankings in search engines. But what remodeler has the time, or the talent, to constantly update their blog? Welcome to the third-party blog, which is written by someone else for your website or is posted off-site with links back to your site.

But blog buyer beware: “[Some] companies doing blogs for [search engine optimization put] together fluff pieces with keywords,” says Dave Alpert, owner of Continuum Marketing Group, in Great Falls, Va.

Relevance and Authority

Find a company that: knows about remodeling; can write authoritative articles you would feel comfortable putting your name on; will post articles frequently and link them to keywords and phrases. “If the article is about green remodeling and you link to your home page but there’s nothing there about green remodeling, the search engine will say, ‘Eh, a phony link,’ and you won’t be ranked as high,” Alpert says.

Blog and Tell

Pricing varies, from $50 to $150 per post or more, depending on post size and content. There are legal issues to consider, too. You can pay someone to write blogs for you under your name without disclosure. But if you pay someone to write positive things about you, recommend you, or offer testimonials — not under your name — you must disclose that the author was compensated. The same goes for an employee who writes something nice that isn’t clearly marketing copy.

—Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.