In an age of endless crunching of data, metadata, megadata and painting it all with politics, it was probably inevitable that someone would look to examine home improvement from a partisan standpoint. HomeAdvisor has done just that.

Democrats are more willing to spend money on home projects and Republicans are more likely to complete "do-it-yourself" projects, according to HomeAdvisor's 2016 True Cost Report. The report provides insight into how generational, regional and political aspects affect American homeowners' attitudes, spending habits and decision-making when it comes to home improvement projects. The report is informed by HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide, a robust database that collects real cost data from millions of homeowner projects, as well as results from an annual survey* conducted among homeowners.

"The survey uncovered that factors such as political affiliation, age and geographic location can significantly affect American homeowners' attitudes and decision-making when it comes to home improvement and repair projects," said HomeAdvisor's Cost Advisor Leah Ingram. "Additionally, homeowners are more willing to invest in home improvement projects and are prepared to do so."

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