Social media is no longer seen as inessential to any business. In fact, effective social media strategies can help grow your business. Having a “documented strategy” for your social media presence is the key to building an effective social media marketing strategy. Writing for Duct Tape Marketing, Xavier Davis provides 7 steps that you and your business can use to build a social media strategy that works.

  1. Evaluate your current social media presence: Which platforms are you on? Do you know what works best on each? Which networks bring you the most value?
  2. Track who your ideal customer is by being as specific as possible. Know your audience and which audience you are trying to reach. Know where your audience goes to the most for social media engagement. Become a more focused buyer by answering these questions: age, location, job title, income, areas your business can help, and most social media used
  3. Create a social media mission statement to propel your company’s strategy forward.
  4. Identify key success metric by measuring your success by conversation rate, time spent on website, reach, brand mentions, sentiment, and total shares.
  5. Create and curate engaging content that is applicable to your business by knowing who your ideal customer is and using that information to create a targeted social media strategy. Engage your customers with video, photographs, infographics, blood posts, interviews, etc.
  6. Invest in a social media management tool to make it easier on you and your company. Management tools allow you to schedule certain posts at certain times so you can test out what times and what content work best.
  7. Track, analyze, and optimize by relying on trial and error. Don’t be afraid to tweak or change something, as optimization is crucial.
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