Developing a marketing strategy for any business can be a challenge. You want to create a marketing strategy that increases sales and functions as a way for you beat out the competition. As Kenneth Waldman writes for Duct Tape Marketing, "A company’s marketing strategy consists of long-term activities that contribute towards developing strong brand awareness.”

Waldman highlights 5 components of a successful marketing strategy that you can use for your remodeling business.

  1. Learn your target audience by identifying who they are in order to narrow down marketing efforts towards one demographic. Identify the interest of your target audience and then adjust your marketing strategy towards that.
  2. Achieve better brand awareness through intentional target audience targeting through television, radio, and online advertising. While this tactic seems outdated, Waldman says they are still effective marketing strategies if you use online marketing techniques (a website, social media, infographics, blog, podcast, etc).
  3. Offer your targeted audience a unique advantage over the competition by identifying ways to distinguish your brand from others. If you can’t identify an advantage you have over other businesses, you best start thinking one.
  4. Social media allows you the opportunity to directly communicate with potential clients. Using Twitter, you can answer question for your clients and direct them towards your expertise. Update your social media accounts during peek traffic hours. "The connection you develop with your customers is a key aspect for the success of your marketing strategy. Social media is certainly important, but you have to use it strategically. Consider paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. These ads will be featured in front of a huge audience, so you’ll easily attract a base of followers with this method.”
  5. Inform your target audience of the work you are doing. Have a great new remodel to show off? Highlight it on your social media accounts. Continue with other activities such as advertising, developing an online presence, seminars, webinars, permissions, giveaways, etc all to entice your audience.
There are no shortcuts to achieving the ultimate goals of your business through a proper marketing strategy. You should be ready to invest a lot of time, effort, patience, and finances in this goal. When you pay attention to the key elements of a good marketing strategy, it will be easier for you to develop a logical, effective plan that will lead your business to success.
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