Boise Cascade. Available west of the Mississippi River, Voyageur/Elite premium underlayment is made with a special recipe of MDI resin in the core and phenol resins on the face and back. The resin is formulated to resist moisture, while the entire panel is stiffer and easier to install, says the company. The .008-mm-thick red edge seal protects from edge swell. (800) 232-0788.

Roseburg Forest Products. The company is introducing the RFPI 40 and RFPI 20 I-joists as part of its framing system. The RFPI 40 features a wide 25/16-inch LVL flange with eased edges that provides more nailing surface and adds stability. Ideal for span applications where 2x10 joists are specified, the lightweight RFPI 20 I-joist features LVL flanges and is easy to install. (800) 347-7260.

Trus Joist. The TimberStrand LSL 45 Degree Column provides installers with a precise 45-degree corner for bay windows, tall foyers, and other high-profile 45-degree-corner applications. The corners are prefabricated using TimberStrand LSL, which is engineered to a consistent moisture content and will remain straight. (800) 628-3997.

LP. TechShield radiant barrier sheathing features moisture vapor flow channels that allow trapped moisture to pass through its aluminum layer, reducing the chance of sheathing degradation without compromising the product's low emissivity, the maker says. Used in place of standard roof sheathing, the radiant barrier can reduce a home's solar heat gain. (800) 648-6893.

Georgia-Pacific. ToughPly Sturd-I-Floor is a single-layer, 7/8-inch-thick plywood panel that is up to 3.86 times stiffer than 23/32-inch OSB Sturd-I-Floor. According to the firm, the product's strength allows framers to use a 19.2- or 24-inch OC support system instead of 16 inches OC, saving time and materials. (800) 284-5347.