When the housing industry began its slowdown, David Leff says that his remodeling business started attracting an “unexpected” client: “Homeowners who had planned to sell their [current] homes and purchase a home in which to live out the rest of their lives.” But, says the owner of Leff Construction, in Sebastopol, Calif., when the market tanked, “they were unable to sell and instead decided to stay and remodel.”

Leff says his company is currently remodeling homes for two clients who fit that description. However, one of his new design/build clients recently cancelled their project because they decided that the conditions were good enough to move rather than remodel. “My realtor friends tell me that they are seeing multiple offers again on houses that are priced right,” he says.

Leff isn't worried about losing that business. “It seems as if the housing resale market might be starting to turn around,” he says. “And when people buy and sell homes, it's good for remodelers.