With more than 80 courses, including CAPS, CGR, workshops, and seminars, offered in this year's Remodeling Show conference program, there are more opportunities than ever for remodelers to learn from the experts.

Several Remodeling columnists and regular contributors will be making 90-minute presentations at the show. If you look forward to their magazine articles, here's your chance to see — and learn — from these experts in person. Here's a sampling of presentations offered this year:

Linda Case Culture Quest: Your Secret Weapon for a Uniquely Successful Company

Learn how to design your company around your unique positive core values and develop a motivated team that does the right thing at the right time to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Shawn Mccadden, CR, CLC Integrating a Design/Build System Into Your Company

Attend this seminar to find out what you need to consider if you are thinking about design/build as a way of doing business for your company. You'll learn what is different about the design/build project delivery system, and the efficiencies that this type of practice offers. Also find out how to evaluate your company to determine if design/build is right for you and your team.

Eliminate the Punch List — No Surprises

In this presentation, Shawn McCadden will explore why punch lists happen, and will cover how you can avoid any surprises through your pre-construction and pre-completion meetings, helping you gain a clear understanding of what to expect and where you are at in the building process.

Clay Nelson Managing the Time You Have for Your Life

When you run your own business, something's bound to get short shrift, and it's usually your personal life. This seminar, presented by business coach and REMODELING contributor Clay Nelson, will give remodelers the strategies they need to balance their work life and personal plans.

Victoria Downing Building a Company From the Ground Up

Successful companies rarely stay small forever. When it's time to build your company by adding staff and starting to grow, it helps to get expert advice about next steps. In this seminar, REMODELING columnist Victoria Downing will tell you how to prepare for the first hire. The session will also provide tips on creating a job description; how to determine if your company can afford the next hire; and information about how the company owner's role changes as each new employee is added.

Grass Roots Marketing

It's unlikely that your remodeling company has an unlimited marketing budget, so you have to get creative if you want to find effective ways to spread the word about your business and retain customers without spending a fortune. By attending this seminar, you will learn alternative, yet highly effective, methods to market your company and increase its presence in the community in which you operate.

Mark Richardson, CR The Language of Sales

What you say really matters during a sales presentation. Master the language, and you will make the sale. To enhance your sales skills and to help ensure that you walk out with a contract every time, this session will explore how to speak the language of your customer to foster trust and goodwill, and will highlight danger words that may negatively impact your sales presentation.

Tim Faller Customer Service for the Frontline Employee

Ensuring that clients are satisfied is key to the success of any remodeling business, and no one plays a more important role in this than frontline employees who come in contact with clients each day. In this session, presented by REMODELING contributor Tim Faller, you'll find out how schedule, cleanliness, organization, and change orders affect a customer's attitude, and learn ways to control a difficult situation so you can achieve the best outcome.

Lead Carpenter System and Beyond

Lead carpenter or project manager? Of the different ways to structure field management, one of the most popular is the lead carpenter system. Some remodelers insist it's the only way to maintain quality control and customer satisfaction. In this seminar you will get down-to-earth details about the system's benefits and potential drawbacks — and pitfalls to avoid; implementation schedules; bonus systems; and more.

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