Alone Together

During the recession of 1981, remodeling was a lonely business. There wasn’t anywhere contractors could turn to share their worries or find advice about how to protect their company’s future. We all played it pretty close to the vest in those days and never let on how tough things were.

Thankfully, those days are over. Not only do publications like this one, plus trade shows and professional associations, bring remodelers together to share both their worries and their knowledge, there is the Internet. We have two Web resources that can be real survival tools in hard times like these because they put remodelers in touch with one another directly, without a middleman.

One resource is our blog roll, which features regular weekly entries from the magazine editors but also from working contractors with strong opinions and hard-won experience. The short, to-the-point entries get you in and out quickly, but you can also add to the conversation by leaving a comment of your own.

The other resource is the Business Forums, which are organized by topic and are designed to promote discussion among a larger number of visitors. Don’t let the small number of threads stop you — the forums are just getting started and it’s a gradual process. But like the blogs, the more you give, the more you get.

Both of these survival tools can be found in the menus at Put them to good use.