It's been a rough week for homeowners.

Last Friday we shared a story about a construction crew that mistakenly bulldozed a couple's home in Fort Worth, Texas. (Thankfully, they weren't living in the house at the time.)

On Monday, an Ohio woman made news for being the victim of a repo man with the wrong address. Most of the woman's belongings were removed from the house after the bank mistakenly foreclosed on her home instead of her neighbor's house. Now she's fighting the bank for reimbursement.

And this morning we learned about a New Jersey family whose house exploded when an HVAC worker mistakenly cut a gas line during a renovation. "It was an accident," A.J. Perri operations manager Jim Henkel told "When that happens, what defines a good company is what happens when things go wrong."

Ain't that the truth.

So today, we want to know: What's the biggest mistake you've made on a jobsite? Chances are it wasn't as bad as these loss-of-property events, so even though you may wish it had never happened, set your embarrassment aside for a minute and share your "lesson learned" in the comments below. Even better, let us know how you redeemed yourself to your clients. And if you're in the middle of a sticky situation and need to make good, here's our list of tips on How To Apologize to a Client.