Happy Holidays! I hope you are all enjoying a break from work and are spending time with family and friends.
So what have you got to be thankful for? I ask that question because this time of year is a perfect time to stop and reflect on that question. If you have trouble coming up with things to be thankful for just go back over the year, thinking about what brought you joy and satisfaction.
Things you accomplished, good time with your family, and successes that you accomplished professionally are some of things to think about and note. Write down these items as they occur to you. Take a look at the list each day during the holiday season.
We take so much for granted that it truly makes a difference in how we approach the world when we start focusing on the positive. Share it with those who you love. It would mean a lot to them if you did so.
Keeping a gratitude list can help you when times are tough. And tough times or events happen all too often when you are running a small business.
Notice what is going well. The other stuff, at least for today, set aside.  You deserve it!Paul Winans, a veteran remodeler, is a facilitator for Remodelers Advantage and a consultant to remodeling business owners.