I live in a mountain valley formed by the intersection of the Cascade Mountains and the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon. The highest point on Interstate 5 is about 14 miles south of here.

In the winter we often have fog. It is very thick and makes it hard to see further than an eighth of a mile or so. You always wonder if it will go away today.

On the days that we have fog it usually lifts, eventually, with brilliant sunshine coming down through very clear air, everything around you for miles very clearly visible.

Today is one of those days and it made me think of my early days in the remodeling business. EVERYTHING seemed to be shrouded in fog. I had no idea which was the right choice to make regarding virtually any business decision.

But over time, I would remember that the fog usually lifted, leaving me with more knowledge gained. That knowledge built up over time, so that I could use it (more often than not), even when in doubt, to make sound business decisions.

I offer this to those who are new to the business, who are wondering when things are going to become a bit clearer: Hang in there, build your body of knowledge, and have faith that the sun will shine … eventually.