Considering hiring a marketing person? Don't waste your time advertising. “The days of business owners sorting through 200 resumes, not knowing what they're looking for, are over,” marketing consultant Adrienne Zoble says. As an alternative, she recommends two national employment agencies that help remodelers (and other business owners) develop job descriptions and find the best individuals for the positions they want to fill.

Apple One works with more than 30,000 employers, according to The company filters the applicant pool, conducts background checks, and tests, evaluates, and trains prospects as needed. 800.564.5644.

Westaff has offices in 46 states, according to It conducts reference checks, in-depth interviews, and skills testing, and provides temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent placement staffing. 925.930.5300.

If this is your first marketing hire, consider beginning on a part-time basis and letting the person grow with you, suggests Zoble (970.282.1150).