More and more studies are finding today's 20- to 34-year-olds are experiencing more anxiety and stress than any other generation before them at that age. The data team at Happify did a little digging to find out why that is.

According to Happify's findings, Millennials put work at the center of their lives and don't have much other variety. For example, since this generation has become so intensely focused on their careers, they don't develop other aspects of their lives such as hobbies or even religion. The lack of variety is causing some major quarter-life crises for a generation of students who have come out of college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and determination to make that degree worth it.

Ran Zilca, the chief data science offer at Happify, writes for the Harvard Business Review:

Across all ages, the most common topics were related to “spending quality time with family and friends.” Yet the topics for which Millennials specifically expressed the most gratitude were different: “positive interactions with colleagues,” “having a low-stress commute,” “getting a new job,” “being satisfied with an existing job,” “sleeping,” and “relaxing in bed.”

Four out of these six topics were career related and had to do with the process of finding a job or with daily work experiences, and the remaining two topics were related to time spent in bed. Since the gratitude question specifically asked about things that happened today or yesterday, we can fairly confidently say that the unique things characterizing positive Millennial experiences take place at work.

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