Darcy Lauzier
Darcy Design/Construction
Framingham, Mass.
Big50 2004

I needed repairing, we'd lost a serious amount of sales; I wasn't having fun any-more. I called Kristin Zhivago, author of Rivers of Revenue, on the phone.

She suggested going back and interviewing past clients and asking them why they chose my company. Why were we so successful in completing your job? What was so different about us?

Even though you might know all that, it's reinforcing to hear it.

I put it to work right away. I called some of my clients, and I was honest with them. I digested their answers and realized the issue was that one of my best crews (I only work with subs) wasn't performing like I normally expected them to. It was getting difficult to represent them, and I no longer was enthusiastic.

I was putting off possible clients.

I dropped the crew and pulled in another crew and got my confidence back.