Our contractor, Michael, helped us get our annual tune-up list of work done but for one final item. Michael had fit us in during a very busy time and we appreciated him doing so. He sent an email the other day to just let us know that he had not forgotten about us and would be back to us by a date certain. How did that make me feel? Great!

Simply knowing that Michael did have us in mind made me feel that he cared, even though he could not promise exactly when he would be back. Many remodeling contractors and even more lead carpenters think that it makes no sense to communicate with a client unless you have the answer to the client’s question or the solution to a problem or the like. In fact, all a client truly wants is to know what is going on, even when you don’t have all the answers yet.

Reach out and touch your clients. Do it regularly and they will like you even more, even if you are just letting them know that you will be back to them in the future with what is happening next.