Upper-level field staff should be included in the hiring process for a new employee who will become part of their team. Most lead carpenters are not familiar with hiring. Here are a few tips to help them evaluate potential employees during an interview.

  • Take notes. Write down your first impression of the answer and the answer itself. Often the body language will convey a conflicting message and may indicate deception.
  • Use a pair of interviewers. Every person sees and hears things a little differently. When the pair compares notes after the interview, they will have a more accurate assessment of the candidate.
  • Use prewritten questions. The tendency to get off track is held in check by sticking to a set of questions that are designed to find out what you want to know, not what they want to tell you.
  • Always check references. You should talk to previous subs, clients, and bosses for references, because each group will offer a different perspective. Also use prewritten questions during these interviews.
  • —Tim Faller, Field Training Services, www.leadcarpenter.com.