Fifteen years ago, Kerry Bramon could not produce projects on time or on budget. He realized he had 12 field employees who were not capable of meeting his deadlines and goals. By the time he became Big50 in 1993, he had a plan in place to replace those employees.

He tackled his personnel issues by bringing in help. He learned about and implemented the DISC (dominance, influencing, steadiness, conscientiousness) personality profiling system to help choose employees that complemented his strengths and weaknesses. He now works with a psychologist consultant who uses the DISC profile and pre-interviews job candidates.

Bramon also hired designer/production manager Angela Holloway to help him control jobs from conception to completion. “I finally learned how to assemble a team that acts like a team and understands what I want and agrees to do it,” he says.

Now he has seven field employees and his average job size has quadrupled. “We do twice as much work and we are twice as profitable — 99% of the time we meet budget. All this just from changing people,” he says.