So another summer has gone by. There probably has been a lot going on for your company and for the people who work there. The weather is good to work in. Clients would like to have their projects done before the holidays. At the same time, most of the people who work at your company have been on vacation for some part of the summer. They've had some relaxation and probably some adventures—or at least some fun.

Why not share all of the above with one another? This can be done at the next company meeting, if—like we did—your company has a meeting every week. Even if you have your company meeting every two weeks or once a month, it would still be good to share what the company has been up to and what each employee has done on their respective vacations.

This is important to help build a company culture that supports a healthy work-life balance. Celebrating what people did recreationally places value on taking the time and spending the money to create good memories for them and their families.

Some companies do an in-house newsletter to help get this information out. If you produce such a newsletter, make sure it gets mailed to each employee’s home so that his or her significant other will be more likely to see it. Having your employee’s life partner know that the person works at a company that values work-life balance makes it more likely that the individual will feel good about the employee working at the company.

This can be very useful when the employee is having a rough spot at work and coming home to complain to her or his partner. The partner, knowing that the company is basically good, can help the employee get a grip and realize that things are really not that bad.

Remember, it takes more than money to motivate people. Showing them that your company cares can do wonders for productivity!