So here we are at the beginning of another year likely filled with a lot of uncertainty. How do you tame the fear, the anxiety that can cause you to stumble? What do you need to do to be as successful as possible when the business environment you work in is changing, often unpredictably?


Often when faced with new or challenging circumstances, a remodeler starts to look for silver bullets. Spending money and time on implementing the latest and greatest can be a good move, but it’s often a huge distraction. If you don’t absolutely need a new system or software, just make improvements to the way you currently do things.

Then follow your systems with a high level of discipline. Stability regarding the things you can control will infuse your entire company and your clients. Results, not processes alone, are what clients love.


Many remodeling companies have cut pay and benefits for employees (and owners). These were difficult decisions to make and implement.

If business has increased and your company is making money, bring back some of what was taken away. If you can’t do it immediately then set a metric with your people that, once met, will trigger the reinstatement of a particular benefit.

Business still struggling? Buy something small, such as gift cards for coffee. At each company meeting have each employee mention something that another employee did to support the company’s mission statement and core values. Vote on who did the best. Give that employee a gift card.

The acknowledgement and recognition will make a positive difference in your employees’ attitudes, which will make them more likely to delight clients. The result should be more referrals and more business.


If you’re feeling burned out, take care of yourself. Go on a short getaway with your spouse. Spend time with your children. Exercise.

Do what you need to do to stay positive. Everyone in the office will feed off your attitude. You want the result to be a pleasant place for all to work and be successful.


No matter how bad it is now, take a few minutes to remember what it felt like to be successful. Set everything else aside and think of some of the great clients you had, some of the wonderful jobs you did, and some of the fantastic employees you worked with.

Everything always changes. You will experience positive results again.

—Paul Winans sold the 30-year-old remodeling business he owned with his wife, Nina, and is now a consultant and facilitator for Remodelers Advantage.