Have you diagnosed your brand personality yet? A brand personality is defined by the folks over at Remodeler's Advantage as being, " a set of human emotional characteristics that are connected to your company name." That's more than just providing quality work or developing name recognition. It's about figuring out exactly what kind of company you want to be, who you hire, what customers you like to work with. Remodeler's Advantage showcases this with a great example:

The whole point here is to set expectations and give your customers an identity with which to interact. You want to turn your cold and impersonal company into something that the right people can relate to.

Who are the right people? Your ideal client.

For example, Red Bull uses personality traits such as macho, active, outgoing, and unpredictable to connect with their target audience.

Can you see Queen Elizabeth chugging down a can of Red Bull? Neither can I.

Remodeler's Advantage also provides some more detail and a worksheet to help you clarify what your brand personality is all about. So click on the link below for the full article, and define your brand personality today!

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